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骑 at MGM游戏 offers students the opportunity to develop skills through several programs designed to help riders achieve their equestrian goals. 在任何地方,每星期有2到5天,学生和美高梅游戏中心的专业骑术人员一起骑行. 这些设施包括四个谷仓,两个室外环,两个室内加热竞技场,和几英里的步道. 以适应所有的技能水平, 美高梅游戏中心马术学校拥有50匹马,从最安静的马到高水平的跳马都有. 美高梅游戏中心还为私人拥有的马匹提供寄宿服务.

学校的马术项目强调两种风格的马术:英语, 这包含了经典的猎人/跳线风格, 西部侧重于马术和驯马训练. The fundamentals taught within the MGM游戏 Stables’ program stretch far beyond these two formats—our staff is proficient in an array of disciplines and willing to help tailor each individuals needs into the daily program.

对于那些对竞争感兴趣的人, MGM游戏骑术项目提供了多方面的校队骑术项目. 车队的骑手有机会参加各种级别的马展, 从休闲的学校节目到多个组织的评级比赛. 学校的主要比赛重点是校际马术协会的形式. This format is a direct mirror of collegiate competition and offers the Varsity riders an opportunity to prepare for college recruitment. 校际马术协会外面, 美高梅游戏中心团队定期参加USEF“A”和“B”级的比赛, AQHA / APHA比赛, 和NRHA比赛. 在美高梅游戏中心的骑术师和大学咨询师之间, 学生们在10年级开始探索他们的大学马术选项.

除了大学马术项目,美高梅游戏中心还提供 休闲骑 适用于新手或希望提高技能的人. 就像Varsity的项目一样,休闲骑行旨在帮助学生实现他们的目标. 新车手, 老骑士, or “just-for-fun” riders are encouraged to participate in the nurturing atmosphere of the 休闲骑 department. Many students begin within 休闲骑 and advance through to the Varsity program while others prefer to stay inside of the fun-atmosphere of the Recreational program.

The MGM游戏 emphasizes excellence within all of its programs and the 骑 program has proved year after year to uphold this standard. Please feel free to visit our staff page and contact any of the 骑 faculty to discuss the options available for you and your child within the MGM游戏 Stables Program.



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